The documentation on Brünnich's and common guillemots during the Scarecrow campaign made an important contribution to the mapping of the migratory swimming route of these birds from their breeding grounds on Bear Island to their feeding areas in the South-East Barents Sea.

Customer: Spirit Energy

Location: Barents Sea, PL 852

Activty: Drilling campaign; exploration well 7322/7-1

Time: July-August 2018

Drilling rig: Island Innovator

Reporting frequency:

  • 1 hour for Oil Spill
  • 1 hour for floating sea ice
  • 6 hours for Birds and Mammals

Monitoring tasks:

  • Oil Spill Detection
  • Birds and Mammals

Main responsible for monitoring: Personnel on standby vessel Esvagt Carpathia

Sensors: Handheld IR camera, single-lense reflex camera, binoculars, eyes and nose

Total number of OSD reports delivered: 611

Total number of birds counted: 1161

Total number of guillemots counted: 50

Total number of mammals counted: 2

Involved resources and technical setup for the monitoring of the Scarecrow drilling campaign