Fields of Expertise

Our skilled, untraditional team has long experience in solving surveillance challenges for the oil and gas industry in Norway and abroad. Let us to tailor your next project's integrated field monitoring solution to ensure that your personnel, as well as the environment and your assets are kept safe.

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Versatile R&D team with years of experience from the industry

Our research and development team cover a broad spectrum of programming languages, work fields and R&D experience. Among us we have worked with GIS data services, automation, process optimisation, cluster computing, technical support and security as well as communication and testing, within areas like oil and gas, shipping, aviation, medicine, electronics, car industry, traffic and electricity.

The majority of us have a background as technical managers and managers of different size software teams, and constitute an efficient and highly competent scrum team on the constant search of improvements to- and further development of our map-based field monitoring software, the SeaCOP.

We are always on the search for new, exciting R&D projects. Communication challenges in the Barents Sea, big datasets from an increasing number of sensors in combination with a demand for higher degree of digitalisation and automation in the oil and gas industry, pose great demand on the technical solutions. We know that our customers know best what they need, so we always work to optimise on operational usefulness by collaborating close with the industry throughout all of our R&D projects.

Dedicated team with domain knowledge

The technical background of our sales team combined with our long experience within Norwegian and international oil and gas industry, ensures first hand product knowledge and understanding of the customers. New and stricter demands on sensors and monitoring solutions in ports, terminals and offshore, call for increasing degree of customisation. We believe the only way to do this is by keeping a close relationship with our customers, to ensure that they get a solution that will keep their operations and the environment safe throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

In times of digitalisation we are visionaries. We strive to always find new cost-efficient technical and operational solutions and opportunities. The operators struggle to solve increasingly tough challenges with regards to streamlining and environmental requirements, all under constant pressure to reduce cost. This tough combination calls for new and innovative solutions.

The only way we can learn what our customers need is to meet them and learn to know their daily operations and challenges. We travel around the world meeting oil and gas companies, ports, terminals, aqua-cultural facilities and environmental authorities, and we attend state and international meetings and conferences. By combining what we see and learn with the NORBIT Aptomar toolbox and work team, we tailor and deliver an operationally fit monitoring solution that ensures customer compliance with governmental and license requirements.

Marine biologist with passion for the environment

Our competent and enthusiastic PhD-level marine biologist have a broad academic background within marine biology, ecology, bio-optics, environmental chemistry and marine pollution. Years of work at NTNU, UNIS and abroad has resulted in experience within the entire chain of academic work. We manage everything from application processes to research and project management, field work, writing and review of scientific papers and speeches in national and international symposia, to tutoring and lecturing of students.

Our competence on marine ecosystems in Arctic waters has brought the oil industry to good on the move into the Barents Sea. Over the years we have delivered services within research, consultancy, assessments and disseminations in relation to environmental issues in Arctic waters, and have delivered our knowledge and services into the decision support basis of large oil and gas projects both on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and abroad. Our understanding of the industrial challenges related to oil and gas activity in the marine environment is strengthened by own work experience from the industry. Suitable environmental technology for use within monitoring and detection of unintended oil spills to sea is an ongoing challenge, and the combination of environmental understanding and the knowledge of remote sensing technology and governmental legislation has provided NORBIT Aptomar with a unique possibility to solve such challenges.

We are passionate in our approach to solve environmental monitoring problems for the oil and gas industry and take great pride in being the environmentally safe link between the fossil resources and the value creation of the owners.

The world's oceans and coasts are our future, and we will do everything we can to ensure they remain clean and healthy.

Aptomarin 24/7 Maritime Control Center

Being an international provider of hardware and software for field monitoring, Norbit Aptomar also houses its own Maritime Control Centre, Aptomarin. Here a skilled team of master mariners and professionals with extensive offshore, maritime and nautical competence, offers services and management of tasks in regard to communication, monitoring, notification and reporting.

Through this team our customers have access to an effective and cost-efficient 24/7 organisation that monitor, report and document on errand vessels and objects, oil spills, birds and mammals, and floating sea ice. By integrating and utilising the information from a wide array of remote sensors in air, at sea-level and subsea in our map-based interface the SeaCOP, Aptomarin manages and assists the customers in their everyday operations and emergency response situations, through VHF radio, mobile and satellite phone. During a sharp incident like an oil spill, a search and rescue operation or during firefighting, we can take the role as your organisation's 2nd line emergency response, helping build the optimal common operating picture to ensure a successful and efficient recovery operation.

Besides assisting our customers from the outside, we also work hard to ensure your organisation is well prepared and trained inside, if an accident should occur. At one of the world`s most advanced Oil Spill Preparedness and Combat simulators at Nordkapp Maritime Training Centre, we drill offshore crew in oil spill management and combating.

With a background spanning from shipping, oil rigs, fishing vessels, law enforcement, fish farming, offshore support, ports and terminals, wind farms and the military, we can safely be trusted with your operation's support and surveillance tasks. We have all been out at sea in tough weather, and we recognise your challenges.

Use our diverse competence and skills to your advantage:
-Highly skilled R&D team
-Aptomarin Maritime Control Center
-Marine Biologists
-Dedicated service team

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