AOSD - a new tool for monitoring and detection of oil spills

NORBIT Aptomar is completing the development of a new system for robust and efficient monitoring and detection of oil spills during offshore production, transfer of oil between vessels, floating and fixed installations and during drilling campaigns.

Through the Automatic Oil Spill Detection (AOSD) project, NORBIT Aptomar, with partners Equinor, Eni and NFR, have now completed the development of a new solution for monitoring and detection of unintended oil spills.

The AOSD system should ensure robust detection of spills within 1-3 hours depending on the given time requirements, and reduce the number of false radar oil spill detections to a minimum. The system should also enable covering of blind spot areas and increase the operational weather window of the OSD system significantly compared to today’s standard solutions for x-band radar.

The concept is based on gathering, combining and displaying information from individual sensors distributed on vessels, installations and in the air (satellite), and together they create an OSD monitoring tool with high operational confidence.

By utilizing a combination of own sensors and software systems, software engineering expertise, sensor knowledge, operational experience and 10 years of R&D, NORBIT Aptomar with partners intend to solve the challenges other systems and services have: high false alarm rates, high strain on personnel, expensive investment, installation and maintenance cost, and limited operational windows. By integrating and combining the three detection levels:

  1. Process
  2. Satellite
  3. Radar/IR camera

with additional input from wind, waves and AIS, we believe that the new AOSD tool will provide an entirely new level of control for the surveillance management, and that it will help the operators meet the detection and timeline requirements of the Norwegian government with very few false alarms. The development of the system is now completed, and the product is planned released to the market during 2019.

AOSD - Multi-sensor oil spill detection