Aptomar CTO reporting service reaches milestone

This summer, Aptomar will deliver its Clean To Operate service to DEA Norge’s drilling activities on the Titan field. Never have 24/7 detection, documentation and reporting with regards to unintended oil spills been easier, more robust or more cost efficient.

As of June, Aptomar, the leading provider of integrated field monitoring sensors, systems and services for the oil and gas industry, has delivered its Clean To Operate (CTO) services to 20 drilling campaigns for operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf since 2013. In June, Aptomar delivered CTO services to Tullow Oil Norge AS on the Zumba field, and this summer the company will deliver its services to DEA Norge’s drilling campaign on the Titan field.

“We are proud to announce delivery of CTO services to our 20th drilling campaign on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Our CTO services are based structured and robust processes, executed by our highly competent and trained personnel. We receive very positive feedback from operators on our services, which are described as structured, reliable, safe and cost efficient,” says Lars Solberg, chief sales and marketing officer of Aptomar.

Through its CTO services, Aptomar delivers 24/7 monitoring, documentation and reporting of the absence of oil spills, detection, verification and documentation of actual oil spills, in addition to monitoring of larger accumulations of birds and mammals. Aptomar’s CTO services are fully applicable for drilling campaigns where all monitoring is executed using the standby rescue and supply vessels. Aptomar also delivers 24/7 monitoring and detection of objects on collision course, which also can be combined with the CTO monitoring.

The monitoring, reporting and sensor packages that are used, is chosen based on an ALARP approach, from sensor packages that are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and industry standards in one end, to visual CTO observations in the other. Main focus is to ensure compliance and control. Through the service, the operator gets full access to a CTO web portal where all hourly, daily and weekly reports are available. If an oil spill is detected, the offshore installation is alarmed, and a common operating picture shared by the operator, NOFO and the Norwegian Coastal Authority is established. The oil spill combating can begin at once.

“Many operators are surprised by the cost efficient nature of our services. Although the quality of monitoring, reporting and documentation are superior, our service fees stand comparison with rental costs for hand-held IR cameras, as an example” says Solberg.

As part of the service, Aptomar takes responsibility for all equipment, training of offshore personnel, maintenance and reporting, everything delivered as a turn-key solution, at a low daily or monthly fee.

“In addition, when one of our electro optical sensor platforms are installed on the vessels, it gives access to key features such as emergency, SAR and fire fighting support. The whole package delivered with a clear focus on maintaining secure operations for personnel, the environment and assets,” says Solberg.