MS Nordstjernen on scene at NOFO´s oil on water exercise

On board are the delegates to the NOSCA Seminar 2014. Aptomar has installed a SECurus sensor platform and TCMS Workstation which provides the delegates with a complete overview of the exercise, as well as being able to use the SECurus to add oil observations to the Common Operating Picture.

Aptomar TCMS is on board the observer ship MS Nordstjernen to provide delegates to the NOSCA Seminar 2014 with live updates to the situation at the Frigg Field where the Oil on Water exercise takes place. In the screen shot below the positions of exercise participants Stril Mariner and OV Utvær can be seen.

The video window shows an image of OV Utvær as seen from Stril Mariner’s SECurus unit. The 2 dialogue boxes show AIS data from the 2 vessels. The blue stippled line is an operator tool used to measure between 2 points, which in this case shows the 2 vessels as being 0.321 NM from each other. It can be seen from the measure tool dialogue box that all this information is being sent to the observer ship from 310 NM away.