NORBIT Aptomar BlueDeal service reaches milestone

Since the startup of the BlueDeal environmental monitoring service autumn 2015, NORBIT Aptomar has now completed its 30th drilling campaign on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Since the start-up autumn 2015, NORBIT Aptomar has now completed it's 30th BlueDeal environmental monitoring campaign on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The majority of the campaigns have taken place in the Barents Sea or in the north-west coast of Norway, all characterized as important/vulnerable areas for marine life. Through the BlueDeal service we have delivered different combinations of oil spill detection, documentation on clean operation, bird- and mammal monitoring and reporting, ice detection and vessel traffic monitoring, and have, on behalf of the operators, taken the full responsibility for them to comply with governmental and license monitoring requirements.

Over the three years we have:

  • Analyzed, discarded and reported on over 30 000 potential oil spills
  • Identified, counted and documented hundreds of thousands of birds
  • Kept our customers and their assets safe from vessels on collision course and floating sea ice
  • Provided documentation on clean and safe drilling operations and present wildlife for the operator to distribute internally and/or externally
  • Contributed to increase the knowledge about the swimming migration of Brünnich's and common guillemots in the Barents Sea from their breeding grounds on Bear Island to their feeding grounds in the south-east Barents Sea

The service is getting increasingly popular among the operating companies and the environmental authorities, and new campaigns are in the planning phase for the spring/summer/autumn 2019.