SECurus system to the Norwegian Coast guard vessel KV Svalbard

03 January 2018 – The Norwegian Coastal Administration has acquired the SECurus system to the outer Norwegian Coast Guard vessels KV Svalbard, planned installed during first half of 2018

The SECurus system is a high-end electro optical sensor and decision support system, used to manage and document everything from everyday maritime operations like fishery inspections and surveillance, to high-risk operations like search and rescue, firefighting, oil spill combating and towing

During 2017 the Coast guard vessels KV Barentshav, KV Bergen, KV Sortland and KV Harstad were outfitted with the SECurus system, which together with the other 7 coastal administration vessels and two surveillance aircraft, are tasked with managing oil spill combating, firefighting, towing, and search and rescue on the Norwegian continental shelf.

“We are proud to become a part of the professional toolbox of KV Svalbard, and together with her skilled and dedicated crew, explore how the SECurus will increase their ability to safeguard people, environment and maritime assets in the Barents Sea,” says Lars Solberg, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at NORBIT Aptomar.