SECurus systems to the Norwegian Coast Guard

22 May 2017 – The Norwegian Coastal Administration has acquired 4 SECurus systems to be installed during 2017 on the outer Norwegian Coast Guard vessels; KV Barentshav, KV Bergen, KV Sortland and KV Harstad.

The SECurus system is a high-end electro optical sensor and decision support system used to manage and document everything from everyday maritime operations like fishery inspections and surveillance, to high-risk operations like search and rescue, firefighting, oil spill combating and towing

In from 2009 to 2010, the SECurus was installed on KV Harstad, as part of a trial project initiated and managed by the NCA. The feedback given by the dedicated and skilled crew during the year of testing was used to improve, and add, to the operational tools in the SECurus system.

The SECurus system has since then been a tool installed on the vessels under contract or owned by the NCA, tasked with managing oil spill combating, firefighting, towing, and search and rescue. Today NCA has 7 vessels under operation that are outfitted with the SECurus, in addition to the two surveillance aircrafts LN-KYV and LN-TRG, which they share with NOFO (The Norwegian clean seas association) and the Norwegian Coast Guard.

“We are very proud and happy that NCA and The Norwegian Coast Guard have chosen to install the SECurus on these 4 vessels. For us this is an extra quality stamp for the SECurus, as these vessels have crew with high professional standards, they operate under challenging and at times extreme weather conditions and they are one of the key resources to safeguard people, environment and maritime assets. To keep up with the vessel and its crew requires high standards for the equipment on-board,” says Håkon Skjelten, Chief Executive Officer of Aptomar.