MBR-communication integrated with SeaCOP

A comprehensive in situ exercise utilising Maritime Broadband Radio-communication from Kongsberg Seatex integrated with NORBIT Aptomar SeaCOP was held at The Norwegian Coast Guard base at Sortland with project partners, hosts and invited guests.

October was the closure of the project "Full use of Maritime Broadband Radio for Offline Communication in Oil Spill Contingency" between NORBIT Aptomar, The Norwegian Coastal Administration and Kongsberg Seatex. The functionality developed in the project was verified through a comprehensive in situ exercise at the Norwegian Coast Guard Base at Sortland 25th-27th November, involving 2 Coast Guard Vessels, MOB boat personnel with helmet cameras, drone, the LN-KYV airplane, and a control center on shore. Two pre-defined scenarios were simulated and played, including fishery inspection and ship accident with oil spill and floating objects. The vessel Ole Larsen with personnel (hired in from Sortland Kystlag) played the role as target in the two scenarios.

The Norwegian Coast Guard Base Sortland with coast guard vessel in front
Beautiful scenery and weather for the demo
Fishing Vessel Ole Larsen from Sortland Kystlag playing the role as "target" during simulated fishery inspection and accident
Airplane LN-KYV patroling for the Norwegian Coastal Administration
MOB boats with personnel wearing helmet cameras

All involved resources were equipped with Maritime Broadband Radio from Kongsberg Seatex, various remote sensors, and SeaCOP software from NORBIT Aptomar. Video-streams from IR and daylight cameras on vessels and airplane, drone and from helmet camera, as well as GIS objects, images and other relevant data were fed into SeaCOP and shared over MBR link to create common situation awareness and operating picture between the involved resources. The entire operation was managed from the operation center at the land base.

The operation manager in the control room at the base utilising NORBIT Aptomar SeaCOP for information sharing and common operating picture
Observing the video streams from the drone, helmet camera, IR an daylight cameras into the SeaCOP on the bridge of one of the Coast Guard vessels
Data-sharing through SeaCOP over MBR link from one of the Coast Guard vessels
Drone pilot Stein Magne Eidissen from the Coast Guard

The exercise was very successful. Both scenarios with all the sensor inputs were played as in real-life and worked as planned. Live streaming of video, as well as GIS data, images, video files and other relevant data, were shared to- and between vessels, airplane and shore using MBR network only.

The integrated MBR/SeaCOP solution enables the Norwegian Coastal Administration and Coast Guard to perform complex operations at sea independent of internet and satellite links.